12 September 2006

Defying the Odds.

My third and final test is negative. I'm negative!!!!!!

I can go.. and there is nothing to stop me...

I can hardly believe it. But I am so grateful.

I'm going to the Peace Corps in the forseeable future... probably by Christmas.

06 September 2006


"Small fragment of normal ectocervix."

I never though I would be so happy to see those words grace paper.. but the entirety of my future plans with the Peace Corps are now secured with that one small phrase.

And I have a job with Labour Ready. Just the sort of thing I wanted... physical labour for a decent wage. I do not even really need a car, so I may just borrow the one we get for my brother. But I report at 5:30 any day I would like to work.

This is me - grinning from ear to ear.