28 March 2007

Important Announcement - Transfer

I have just been informed by Peace Corps that I willnot be able to serve on Kiribati due to circumstance beyond the control of the Peace Corps.

At this moment, I am disappointed but I appreciate the way the Peace Corps is supporting us during this process. At this point I do not have much information to share about the next few weeks or my plans for the future. I plan to continue my service in another country... hopefully Africa. I have my aims set towards work with AIDS/Hiv and community development. It is not all bad. The way I see it this opportunity allows me the ability to choose my next assignment with a more discerning attitude than when I accepted my invitation to Kiribati.

So, in short, if you were planning on sending letters and packages... don't. I will continue to keep you all updated with the details as I get them.


(Below is the official notification from Peace Corps.)

Dear Friends and Family of Peace Corps Group K36,
It saddens me to report that Peace Corps Kiribati is scaling back its program. The current domestic air situation does not allow us to support volunteers in the southern islands of the Gilbert Group. Consequently, we are relocating those volunteers located on Nonouti and all islands south of Nonouti to islands closer to Tarawa.

Unfortunately, this move greatly reduces the number of site placements available to members of training group K36. As a result, Peace Corps has decided to offer re-enrollment/transfer options to all fifteen training group K36 members. We at Peace Corps Kiribati share the disappointment felt by the newest members of our family. We are doing everything possible to facilitate alternative placements that will allow all members of this group to look back fondly, one day, on two valuable Peace Corps experiences.

We take our promise to provide a safe and supportive environment for your loved ones very seriously. It is that promise that requires us to take this action. Your son or daughter (and in three cases, your mother and/or grandmother) will provide you with more detailed information. Additionally, I am available should you have any questions.

Thank you for your patience and your understanding and for loaning us your loved one, albeit for a shorter time than we all expected.

Michael Koffman

Director, Peace Corps/Kiribati