25 May 2007

In Fiji ... At Last

I just wanted to assure everyone that I have safely made it to Fiji. I am currently near Suva but tomorrow I leave to stay with my host family in a nearby village.

Everything is going wonderfully and I look forward to writing all the details.

May this note find you all well

Namaste! Bula!

22 May 2007

Arrival to Staging

I have safely arrived in L.A. and completed my first day of staging.

From here forward, I am not sure what access I will have to the internet... so as they say in the Peace Corps - "No news is good news." It is possible that you will not hear a word from me in the next 10 weeks, so please do not be concerned.

My staging is going well thus far. It is indeed the same material being covered as last time, but fortunately I have with me a large new group of people to get to know. We are 29 trainees in total this time. Nearly double the size of my last training group.

The folks I have come to know thus far are enthusiastic but down-to-earth. Generally speaking (of course) they are optimistic if a bit nervous about traveling and working in Fiji. I have tried to hold my tongue, recognizing that my limited experience with the Peace Corps, although valuable to me is not needful or wanted in conversation. So unless I am asked, I am trying not to disclose much.

I should go now, as I have offered my computer and internet access to the group.

Also, my address during training for the next 10 weeks will be:

Rhiannon Doherty PCT
Peace Corps/ Fiji
Private Mail Bag
Suva, Fiji

06 May 2007

A Note to Myself

I want to be content without being numb.

I want to have opinions without being closed-minded.

I want to have morality without judging others.

I want to love without being selfish or ashamed.

I want to grow without leaving others behind.


I Respect & Admire -

Those who are able to find balance in their lives.
Those who live and work in quiet perserverence.
Those whose first thought is about others not themselves.
Those with strong opinions that force us to questions ourselves.
Those who can give their love freely even if they know they will be hurt by it.


I hope in the future that I will...

Hold myself accountable for my actions

Risk being hurt if it mean I can help someone

Live deliberately without allowing perfection to infect my efforts

Practice awareness and empathy when dealing with the rights and feelings of those around me

Be Honest

Come to understand that I am only human and I am not infallible

Always act in the spirit of compassion and understanding

05 May 2007


The net of the universe hangs like a shawl on my shoulders.

At times, it is woven in love and sustains me.
I glimpse the nature of unity and find peace.

And there are also times when it feels as thought it were made of lead.
The weight of action and responsibility force me to my knees.
The thread is all of humanity and I feel that I am overwhelmed by duty.

But it is my choice - I alone give thought and form to this perception...
Will I be struck by awe at the miracle of our time here
Or will I despair at the emptiness of the universe?

Is there not something in between...some joyful celebration of our bond?
Why instead, do these unnamed feelings overwhelm my spirit?

04 May 2007

It Begins Again.

I just confirmed my flight to LAX.
I depart for my Peace Corps Adventure: Fiji Edition on the 20th of May.

I also just saw the staging itinerary...
It will be the exact same 2 day presentation. It was trying the first time...

But I am happy to see things falling into place.
I have only a few things to do before I leave which is refreshing.

  • Pick up some clothing.
  • Purchase portable speakers.
  • Burn extra CDs.
  • Save my HD to my external unit.
  • Re-pack.

02 May 2007

Day to Day in Boston

Last week, I had the opportunity to house-sit for a friend with two dogs. My responsibilities to the pets (especially the puppy, Matilda) and other office work I offered to assist with had me occupied and content.

Now, I have come to stay with a gracious friend for the remainder of my time here. The arrangement is ideal. I am close enough to bus lines that I can easily move about the city. I am also close to St. Elizabeth's Hospital where I have chosen to volunteer until I leave once more.

I went today to speak with the head of volunteering hopeful that she would be able to find a placement for me soon. And she quickly switched from the informal questions of an interview to eagerly explaining a new project she hoped to initiate. She went into the explanation of the event already assuming my participation in it.

I was thrilled that I was so quickly accepted into the workings of the department. To have a purpose once more and be able to use my skills to help others has truly made my day. I already started work on a community development program for seniors at the cafe. I'll be surveying individuals coming to a hospital event on Thursday night for their responses to the idea. It looks like I will also be helping plan a volunteer appreciation event for early June.

Now I just need to get myself to sit down and study my Hindi and Bauan.