21 March 2008

Photos: Home Sweet Home

This is a collection of photos from around my house. Nothing special, just a glimpse into the visual life of me in Ba,Fiji. Enjoy.

17 March 2008

Photos: A Friend's Wedding

This album is from my friend and counterpart, Sunita's wedding earlier this week. There are two components to a typical Indo-Fijian marriage here. The first is the legal ceremony. This is the occasion where close friends and family gather to witness the signing of the paperwork and often have a small lunch afterwards. This is what this album contains. What I did not get the chance to capture was the more religious ceremony, which took place yesterday. But really I was too busy dishing out curry and puri to run around with my camera anyways.

04 March 2008

A Moment in the Life

I have taken to walking to town to get to my afternoon/evening aerobics classes. It serves as a bit of a warmup.

Well, today as I was walking along the major highway of Fiji, a farmer was walking opposite me with his cow trailing behind on a lead. We met on the sidewalk of the bridge and easily passed one another, his cow behaving herself. And then it occured to me that this is the sort of thing that I don't bat an eyelash at anymore. But it was a moment.

Oh and my dance teacher/friend has convinced me to paint my toenails. I feel girly, though the only reason I am doing it is because it looks more professional. My feet are usually (mostly) clean as I can get them, but my nails.. even with a scrub brush never look good. Now all you can see is shiny light taupe. I'm looking at them, but they don't look like my feet.

03 March 2008

Blog Updates: New Feed and Photos

So I finally got around to organizing my photos and establishing a feed for the Senior Centre's news blog.

Both the new photo album links and the news feed are located on the sidebar. Please do check them out.
And I promise more photos soon... perhaps even ones where I have hair!