03 February 2006


So I went through the interviews and the investigations...
Now I have to choose where I want to spend the next two years of my life -
(I need to tell my recruiter by Friday evening ideally.)

(The only assignment I know the actual country of placement.)
Departs in September

The Work: This is a specialist assignment where I would be aiding local rural artisans to sell and market their wares to a global market. Business advising and development, really.

The area is most likely quite rural and is strictly Muslim.

Sub-Sahara Africa - Western coast most likely
Departs in July

Hang-up: I'd have to learn the local dialect through French and my french training is many years dead.

The Work: Community development in rural communities. Working with Aids and health awareness while teaching at risk youth and working with local businesses.

Central Asia (any of the -stans)/Asia
(could be China or Mongoila or Phillipines.. who knows)
Departs July

The Work: Teaching English in a secondary school. Possibly technical training and teacher training involved.

May not be a rural area... so I could be stuck in some huge Asian city...

Some Pacific Island
Departs September

The Work: Education mostly secondary and curriculum development

Very rural.. no running water and little electric