06 February 2008

A Glimpse of Sunlight

Well, not physically. No we are still having daily heavy downpours here in Ba, which is very unusual. But emotional and psychologically... I have had a day of bright shining sunlight. The wheel has two sides... maybe I am just glimpsing the other side.. maybe the wheel turns fast.

So firstly, Senior Citizens Centre.

They've adopted many of my suggestions... we took program specific attendance for the first time today and in an unexpected stroke of brilliance I nominated one of our aunties to take on the task and she was thrilled. The main idea behind an attendance chart at the Centre is an accurate record of who attends which program so we can better plan programs in the future. It also encourages our 'golden oldies' to come more.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of our Annual Fundraiser, a very new concept to an organization accustomed to doing fundraising on an as needed basis. As we acquire more funding in the beginning of the year, we can begin to establish a monthly/yearly budget. I am very pleased, the board and staff have agreed to the idea and are thinking in terms of the larger needs of the Centre.

Second, Hip Hop Aerobics Class.

Tonight was my debut as a funky, upbeat aerobics instructor. I was a bit nervous not knowing what to expect of myself or the group. It was wonderful. I over planned of course. But I took it at a middle pace and reviewed the steps frequently for those with no movement experience. The soundtrack was on, the women liked the moves and by the end of the class I could see them letting their guard down. When we realized we had a scheduling conflict with the harmonium class and had to change the time, several women were really upset that they would not be able to make one of the proposed times. We figured it out in the end... but I was really pleased to see they stuck around to make sure they were able to get two classes a week. I did moves that I thought might have them walking out... body rolls, hip thrusts, chest pumps.... they loved it. I think by the end of this term I'll be looking at a studio full of more fit,more confident, and diva-like ladies.

Third, Dinner.

I've been letting meals slide. That isn't to say I haven't been eating. I'll grab a samosa or some Maggi noodles while on the run or sitting at my computer. But I have really been slack on preparing my own nutritious and well-made meals. Tonight, despite having had Bharatnatyam for an hour and then teaching an aerobics class for hour... I came home and prepared a lovely dinner. I had rice with snake beans (really long French beans), carmelized onions and pecans. (Kelly... I don't know if you read this, but you are a Goddess for those!) I put on some classical music and dined. I didn't shovel or rush... I need to do this more.

Simple little things. I need to relish those details more. For such a detail-oriented person you'd think it'd be natural... nope. I also don't need to hold myself to an unreal standard of expectation that I need to be some ultra-aware being. There is a middle ground. And standing on that ground doesn't mean I need to set my standards low... I just need to listen to myself in the moment and I'll find it naturally. (I have faith in that)