22 May 2007

Arrival to Staging

I have safely arrived in L.A. and completed my first day of staging.

From here forward, I am not sure what access I will have to the internet... so as they say in the Peace Corps - "No news is good news." It is possible that you will not hear a word from me in the next 10 weeks, so please do not be concerned.

My staging is going well thus far. It is indeed the same material being covered as last time, but fortunately I have with me a large new group of people to get to know. We are 29 trainees in total this time. Nearly double the size of my last training group.

The folks I have come to know thus far are enthusiastic but down-to-earth. Generally speaking (of course) they are optimistic if a bit nervous about traveling and working in Fiji. I have tried to hold my tongue, recognizing that my limited experience with the Peace Corps, although valuable to me is not needful or wanted in conversation. So unless I am asked, I am trying not to disclose much.

I should go now, as I have offered my computer and internet access to the group.

Also, my address during training for the next 10 weeks will be:

Rhiannon Doherty PCT
Peace Corps/ Fiji
Private Mail Bag
Suva, Fiji