02 May 2007

Day to Day in Boston

Last week, I had the opportunity to house-sit for a friend with two dogs. My responsibilities to the pets (especially the puppy, Matilda) and other office work I offered to assist with had me occupied and content.

Now, I have come to stay with a gracious friend for the remainder of my time here. The arrangement is ideal. I am close enough to bus lines that I can easily move about the city. I am also close to St. Elizabeth's Hospital where I have chosen to volunteer until I leave once more.

I went today to speak with the head of volunteering hopeful that she would be able to find a placement for me soon. And she quickly switched from the informal questions of an interview to eagerly explaining a new project she hoped to initiate. She went into the explanation of the event already assuming my participation in it.

I was thrilled that I was so quickly accepted into the workings of the department. To have a purpose once more and be able to use my skills to help others has truly made my day. I already started work on a community development program for seniors at the cafe. I'll be surveying individuals coming to a hospital event on Thursday night for their responses to the idea. It looks like I will also be helping plan a volunteer appreciation event for early June.

Now I just need to get myself to sit down and study my Hindi and Bauan.