11 April 2008

On Vacation: April 12 - April 27

The Short

I will not be around to check my email/journal/wall for the next two weeks from April 12 - April 27. If you need to get a hold of me call my cell but it had better be important.

The Long

I have amazing friends. I have four wonderful people in my life who are willing... no, eager to truck their bottoms a world away to Fiji to come to vacation and to visit me. It goes without saying that I am horribly excited to have the chance to share my life here with my friends.

We have some loosely woven plans for our time here. The rough itinerary includes scuba diving, hiking, relaxing on tropical beaches, wind sailing, 'horse boarding', visiting various local sites, and hopefully getting a taste of real life in Fiji. I am nothing short of giddy - I have needed this leave for weeks now and its so nice to finally be at that moment.

See you all in two weeks with a hard drive full of photos.