24 September 2007

Compassionate Intent Gone Awry

And then there was the time I got stung by a hive of wasps while trying to save three drowning kittens…

I came home in the middle of a tropical downpour to the sound of mewling kittens. I searched the house unsuccessfully, until I came upon a window near my bedroom. Right outside this window is a partially finished cinderblock enclosure that was meant to become a bathroom and there in the corner, are three newborn kittens slowly drowning in a puddle. At first, I think – that their mother has abandoned them and I should go and save them. Then, I think that perhaps I just can't see her. Then, I call another PCV to get a second opinion. He thinks they are probably abandoned. Compassion gives me little choice. I go, barefoot, back out into the rain and try to climb into the "window" almost successfully until a stabbing pain blossoms in my arm. At this point I cry out and see the mother cat slink out from inside her cozy barrel. I proceed to get stung a number of times all over my body as I desperately try to get away from the place and into the house. Now, as I am sitting in bed, thanking the gods I had tasty leftovers for dinner, and writing this entry - I understand that those kittens will more than likely not last the night but I also know that it is not realistically within my power to do anything about it Part of me searches for the larger message in this event but I am not seeing it, not yet.