29 November 2006

Aspiration Statement

Rhiannon Doherty
February 2007

A: While serving the community of Kiribati with the Peace Corps, I look forward to making use of several attributes aquired in my previous professional experience:

- My ability to organize and structure a classroom setting to facilitate understanding for a variety of different learning styles

- Using my experience with communication and emotional understanding in the classroom to advise and guide pupils on personal and academic problems and issues

- I plan to use my creative problem solving, fostered in teaching an artistic discipline, to find practical and effective solutions for some of the issues present in Kiribati classrooms, such as a lack of available materials

My aspirations for my experience in Kiribati are simple:

- I hope to be challenged and rise to meet that challenge.

- I look forward to learning a new language and adapting to a new culture.

- I would like to use my understanding and skills to benefit those around me.

- I believe that above everything it is best to approach a new situation with no prejudice, bearing an open mind.

B: Some of my strategies for working effectively with my host country partners and their expressed needs are:

- Constant and clear communication

- Accurately assess the needs of the assignment

- An honest evaluation of my professional abilities

- Research cultural and social environment of Kiribati before departure

- Keep in mind my personal needs while working to fulfill my professional role

- Hold myself accountable for my actions within and outside the work place

- Value the difference in perspectives between myself and my host partners

C: My strategies for adapting to a new culture with respect to my own cultural background are:

- Finding shared activities to celebrate a common bond such as dance.

- I will recognize and accept that there is some degree of “culture shock” that will occur and any emotions/sensations from this time period are temporary and part of my adaptation to a new way of life

- Making sure to withhold judgment on new experiences and just revel in the moment

- I will establish simple goals for my day/week and evaluate my progress.

- Maintain a pastime from home which I enjoy

D: Skills and knowledge I hope to gain during pre-service training to best serve my project and community:

- Gain an understanding of cultural values and practices

- Gain an understanding of the governmental and educational structures in place

- Language proficiency

- Medical precautions and safety techniques that apply to my specific situation

- To be briefed on previous PCVs experiences and accomplishments

- Techniques to thrive as a female PCV in a possibly difficult gender situation

E: My long-term personal/professional aspiration is to open an interfaith spiritual retreat center and act as a community mentor and counselor. To that end, I believe that my service in the PCV will influence this goal in the following ways:

- It will allow me to assess my ability to commit my time and energy to a community of
individuals as a counselor and mentor

- I will be able to observe myself in a highly demanding position that will call upon not only my professional abilities but my personal values

- My experiences in my assignment will permit me to gain new perspective on different cultural understandings

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