02 April 2007

I'm Coming Home (Temporarily)

It has been decreed...

Because of the transfer, I will be returning home for a month or so.
I will most likely be living in Worcester... trying to get to all the medical appointments and repack .
I am hoping to get a First Aid Certification and volunteer at the hospital while I'm home.

The latest news on my placement:

They offered a very specific placement in Fiji where I would act as an health extention volunteer using theater to educate the public about various topics.

The job, plus the culture and my ability to remain vegetarian seemed reasons enough to put in a bid for the position.

If all goes well and I get the position I desire, I will be leaving to return to the South Pacific on May 20th.

As for myself...

I am doing well and I do not feel badly about the changes. I look forward to the opportunities ahead of me.

I look forward to hanging out with my friends.. most likely in sedate places - i.e. not the mall. I will be experiencing some re-adjustment and there is no telling how that will be until I get back. But eating good food in good company is something I look to treasure in my short time back.

On a side note: I will be selling my SLR when I get home for a decent price... including the case, extra filters and extra batteries and what not. It is the best thing I can do in circumstance and if you are interested please let me know.

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