16 April 2007

Packing List for Fiji

  • Long dresses: Short-sleeved, hem falls below the knees*
  • 1 Moderately formal dress*
  • 1 Conservative long black skirt/dress*
  • Long, loose skirts, hem falls below the knees*
  • 1-2 Long-sleeved tops*
  • Loose-fitting, short-sleeved cotton shirts*
  • Short-sleeve, button down blouses*
  • 2 Tanktops with Support
  • 2 Sportbras
  • 1 Traditional-style Bra
  • 2 Lightweight sweaters*
  • 1 Zip-down Sweatshirt/Lightweight Fleece*
  • 1-2 Pairs of long pants*
  • Pairs of lightweight, knee-length shorts*
  • Athletic shoes*
  • Sandals/walking shoes*
  • Durable Reef Shoes

  • Backpacker’s sleeping bag liner*
  • Pillowcase
  • LED Headlamp
  • Small Sewing kit
  • Sunglasses*
  • Hat*
  • Waterproof windbreaker*
  • Light-gauge wetsuit*
  • Snorkle and Mask*
  • Umbrella*
  • Waterproof watch*
  • Thermarest
  • Personal hygiene and toiletry items*
  • 2 Pair of Prescription Glasses
  • Crystal Rock Deodorant
  • 2 Toothbrushes
  • Dr. Bronner's Soap
  • Tom's of Maine Toothpaste
  • Floride Floss
  • Hair Clippers
  • "Keeper" (I highly recommend this for every woman)
  • Folding Camping Chair
  • 2 Dry Bags: X-small, Small
  • Sturdy luggage/travel bags*
  • Large Military Style Pack
  • Medium Internal Frame Pack
  • Medium -sized Hiking Backpack (inside luggage)

  • Small Clock with Alarm*
  • Travel Adapter (Type I)
  • 3-4 Nalgene Bottles
  • Good, sharp kitchen knife*
  • Shortwave radio*
  • Portable tool kit/ Multi-tool*
  • 2 Lightweight towels and face cloths*
  • Flashlight*
  • Duct Tape*
  • Locks*
  • Plastic French press*
  • Silica gel*
  • Basic cookbook*
  • Vegetable steamer*
  • Zip-Loc Bags*
  • Tupperware
  • Personal Thermometer (There usually isn't one in the medkit)
  • Herbal Sleeping Aid (for the flight)

  • AMEX Credit Card for Emergencies
  • Personal Passport
  • Medical Record & Immunization Record in Protective Folder
  • Photocopies of Important Documents in Protective Folder

  • Camera*
  • CD player & CDs*
  • Portable Speakers (Regretted not having them last time)
  • Laptop (Powerbook G4)
  • Solar Panel System
  • Paperback books*
  • Zen and Spiritual Texts
  • Favorite Casual Reading
  • Games: Cards, UNO, Scrabble, Frisbee, Deflated Ball*
  • Inflatable globe & atlas*
  • Personal Photo Album/Address Book,Laminated*
  • Simple song book of American songs*
  • Surface mail subscriptions*
  • Martha Stewart
  • Tricycle
  • U.S. postage stamps*
  • Children's Books
  • Gifts*
  • Anything "American." A trip to the dollar store should suit your needs fine.
  • Stickers are wonderful for children.
  • Kitchen tools - Silicone Potholders, Can opener
  • Multi-tool

*Peace Corps Recommended Items


Zanne said...

When I read the first item, I read "with sleeves that fall below the knees" as a single phrase, and for a moment I found myself being amazed that this would actually be fashionably required, since it involves so much fabric... and then I came to my senses.

I'm curious about the gifts... do they give guidelines about quantity? Whenever I've read about visiting a culture where one is expected to give people small gifts on many occasions, I found myself wondering just how many such gifts one needs to bring for an extended stay...

Rhiannon Doherty said...

LOL. Perhaps I should list short-sleeved...

They do not. And from my experience in Kiribati - I realize that in rural areas people are even more pleased if you purchase for them useful goods such as rice and bulk domestic goods. So I will bring along a few small American trinkets but nothing of substancial weight or size.