05 April 2007

Returning to The "New World"

I missed my flight.

One would think a 10 hour layover would be enough to connect from LAX to Boston...
Apparently not in my case.

I could not accurately tell you if it was a wrong time on a clock, the wrong gate, the fact that I may have slept through boarding that caused me to miss my flight... which probably says something about my lack of brain functioning yesterday.

But more than all of that I have been a bit overwhelmed by the complexity of everything here.. in just a short time I became accustomed to a simpler pace of life. My penance was sleeping on the rug floor of the international terminal (which was none to clean but seeing that I have been sleeping in a hut with rats the last few weeks, it was immaculate comparitively)... and not actually getting any rest. I'll live.

I'm planning on trying to adjust to the local time zone in the East Coast... trying not to sleep to much during the day. But I may take a rest on the plane.

Everything here is so bright... and the materials of the buildings are enormously varied. Everything is on a tight schedule and everyone seems to be in a rush. Astounding what a month away can do for one's perspective.

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