06 May 2007

A Note to Myself

I want to be content without being numb.

I want to have opinions without being closed-minded.

I want to have morality without judging others.

I want to love without being selfish or ashamed.

I want to grow without leaving others behind.


I Respect & Admire -

Those who are able to find balance in their lives.
Those who live and work in quiet perserverence.
Those whose first thought is about others not themselves.
Those with strong opinions that force us to questions ourselves.
Those who can give their love freely even if they know they will be hurt by it.


I hope in the future that I will...

Hold myself accountable for my actions

Risk being hurt if it mean I can help someone

Live deliberately without allowing perfection to infect my efforts

Practice awareness and empathy when dealing with the rights and feelings of those around me

Be Honest

Come to understand that I am only human and I am not infallible

Always act in the spirit of compassion and understanding

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