30 November 2006

Packing List

This is my current packing list to be shared with the public, so friends and other RPCVs can comment on my planning thus far. If you have any brand suggestions or feedback please leave a comment. Thank you.

Strikethrough indicates that I currently have the item.

Highlighted indicates that this item has a link.

* indicates that this item is recommended by the Peace Corps Welcome Book


Duffle Bag on Wheels (60")

Medium Sized Hiking Backpack (45") with Pillow attached

Pelican Case for Electronics

Essential Clothing

3 Pairs of Linen Pants/Capris *

1 Pair of Hiking Shoes

3 Wicking T-Shirts

2 Short Sleeve Shirts
Lightweight, Button Down *

1 Long Sleeve Shirt
Button Down, with Pockets

Tanktops at least 1 Wicking *

1 Cardigan Lightweight

3 Pairs of Pants
2 Variable Lengths/1 Fast Drying *

2 of 3 Skirts Long and Fast Drying *

1 Set of Swimwear
for Traveling *

1 Fleece Jacket
Lightweight, Zip-down Front

A Few Pairs of Underwear
High Performance or Cotton *

3 Sports Bras
- 1 Wicking, 2 Supportive *

2 Traditional Bras*

3 Pairs of Socks Wicking, Anti-fungal *

1 Pair of Sandals High quality. (50% PCV Discount) *

1 Pair of Reef Shoes *

1 Pair of Flipflops

1 Rain Jacket Waterproof


1 Trek-type Towel Medium*

3 Nalgene Bottles 2 16 oz. with wide mouth/ 1 32 oz. wide mouth *

3 Bandanas *

1 Pair of Sunglasses

1 Wide-Brimmed Hat *

1 Leatherman with knife and can opener *

1 LED Headlamp, battery operated *

1 Lexon Utensil Set

1 Folding Plastic Tableware

1 Hammock
Lightweight and Sturdy *

1 Shortwave Radio
Wind-up with LED Light and Alarm *

3 Dry Bags
1 XSmall/ 1 Small/ 1 Set of Variable Lengths

2 Pillowcases
, 100% Cotton *

2 Flat Sheets , Full and 100% Cotton *

2 Mini Rolls of Duct Tape

Various Combination Locks

Various Wire Locks

Ziplock Bags Various Sizes

Sewing Kit

2-3 Sets of Earplugs Sleeping/Swimming


Safety Pins

Bungee Cords
Various Sizes

Folding Camping Seat *


1 Watch Waterproof with Compass *

2 Flashlights
Water-resistant, Hand-powered *

Several DVDs New Releases for Dorm*

Laptop (Powerbook G4)

Extra Laptop Battery

1 Solar Panel Charger
(Bruton - Solarius 26)*

12 Volt Lead-Acid Battery


Travel Adapter
(Type I) *

Extra CD-Rs/ DVD-Rs

Digital SLR Camera
(Nikon D50) *

1 of 2 Lithium Camera Batteries

2 of 3 SD Memory Cards

CD Player

Silica Gel

Medical Kit

Personal Thermometer

7 Day Pill Holder
with UV Filter

Multi Vitamin
with Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Iron, B Complex, Folic Acid

Herbal Sleeping Aid

Antiseptic Powder


Lip Salve with Sunscreen

Motion Sickness Pills

Natural Laxative

for Coldsores

Financial/Legal Considerations

AMEX Blue Credit Card
for Emergencies

Personal Passport*

Medical Record & Immunization Record in Protective Folder

Photocopies of Important Documents
in Protective Folder

2 Pair of Perscription Glasses*

Personal Grooming

Crystal Rock Deodorant*

Facial Scrub

2 Toothbrushes

1 of 2 Tubes of Toothpaste,
with Floride *


Waterproof and High SPF (Bullfrog)

Dental Floss

Natural Insect Repellant

Clippers, for hair *

Extra Razors

2 "Keepers" Female Santiary Product*

Liquid Hand Sanitizer


Lightweight Games

plastic *

Personal Photo Album/Address Book,

Books *

Zen Flesh - Zen Bones
A Buddhist Bible
UU Hymnal


Kushiel series

Dietary/Culinary Considerations

Potholders thin silicone *

Good Knife

1 Can Opener

Measuring Cup

Measuring Spoons

Tea: Herbal, Green, Red

Soybeans, Cherry Tomatoes, Avocado

Spices: Indian, Japanese, Basic


Educational Supplies



Art Supplies:
Sharpies, Watercolors, Colored Pencils, Brushes*




Curriculum Planner

Solar Powered



Accordian Folder

Children's Books

Good Pens/Pencils

Pencil Sharpener

Stickers *

Gifts for Hosts


American Calendars *

Pot Holders *

Children's Books

1 comment:

John said...

- 1 Pair of Sandals High quality. (Chacos?)
Tevas! Gotta be ;) I just love em.

- Nalgene Bottles
Wide mouth or narrow? Narrow are better for drinking, but harder to clean and fill with juice mix or water purification.

Also, I didn't see a water purifier anywhere on the list. There are new water purifier straws taht are out now. Not sure where to get them, but they're pretty small. If not, some kind of purifier would be good. Perhaps some iodine tabs for emergency?

- Bandanas - look for map bandanas or bandanas with knots printed on them. It'll be handy to have some knots you can use and a reference, I would think. Make them multi purpose! :)

- 1 Headlamp - go with LED if you can - they don't break and don't eat batteries. Get one that takes standard batteries - AA or AAA - so that you can get batteries in many other places.

- 1 Shortwave Radio - get the one that has a wind up charger and an LED flashlight in it. I have one in our family emergency kit. LLBean has one. It's usually on a very special price for hte holidays.

- 1 Roll of Duct Tape - gaff tape, though much much more expensive is often much better to work with. I'd recommend one of each.

- Several Pelican Cases for Electronics - check ebay!

- Safety Pins - and in your medikit too.

- Small Bungee Cords - look for 1/8 or 1/4" bungee rope by the foot. I still have a bunch. It's handy to have.

- 1 Watch Waterproof with Compass - GPS?

- 2 Flashlights 1 Water-resistant, 1 Hand-powered - again go LED. The bulbs won't break. Normal batteries. If you get a small flashlight of some sort that you imagine you would have with you around camp, get a plastic one - when you hold it in your mouth (cause you will, you'll need both hands for whatever) it'll feel much easier on your teeth.

- Natural Insect Repellant - does Avon Skin so Soft work for you? Cut it with water. It works for some people and some bugs. Not everyone. Not sure of it's 'natural' ness.

- Star Gazing Chart - H.A. Rey, The Stars - a book for kids, but still good. Not sure how it works in Southern Hemisphere, but it's a thin book and good for kids as well as adults. Not as compact as one of the disk ones, but still handy.

- Scissors - your leatherman should have one.

- Blowup Globe - check for modern-ness of the maps. Don't just buy any one. :)

- Day Planner
- Journals/Notebooks - Moleskine! :)

Hope this helps.