01 December 2006

Information for Sending Packages

Here are the details...

  • Double Ziplock Bag Everything. Or better yet send it in sturdy Tupperware. Or both! Ants and rats are a problem and will get into everything.
  • Bubble mailers and envelopes are MUCH cheaper than sending things in cardboard boxes.
  • Be mindful of packaging... The packages sent should be able to be recycled or burned
  • For customs purposes - Be sure to write "Educational Materials" and throw a few school supplies into the mix.
  • Be as VAGUE AS POSSIBLE on the customs form. You won’t get in trouble and it will definitely make it so your package doesn’t get raided. It’s not that customs is untrustworthy, they just have a passion for stuff like American chocolate, magazines, etc.
  • Do not send food or other items in tins/metal containers, then the package will likely be opened and inspected because the x-ray cannot detect anything inside those containers.
  • Send everything AIRMAIL. Packages sent via surface mail have been known to take up to six months getting to PCVs
  • A good technique for ensuring that packages get past customs is by marking them with "God Bless this Package." So go ahead picture a god of your choosing and think of them looking after the package and seeing it safely to me.

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