19 December 2006

Peace Corps Resume

Rhiannon Doherty
February 2007


2002 – 2004 Rebel Shakespeare Company - Salem, MA
Program Director and Business Manager
  • Designed and implemented several educational programs and classes
  • Formatted and managed company budget and records
  • Taught courses on variety of topics, including Shakespeare’s language & basic acting
  • Managed staff duties and responsibilities

2004 Cohen-Hillel Academy - Marblehead, MA
Artist/Teacher in Residence - “AIDA – Nationalism and Drama”
  • Implemented original lessons based on the national curriculum guidelines
  • Collaborated with students to create performance pieces exploring ‘Aida’ through current issues.
  • Trained students in research methods and interpretation techniques of historical materials.

2004 Marblehead Community Charter School - Marblehead, MA
Drama Enrichment Instructor
  • Established a new structure and curriculum for school’s Enrichment Program
  • Assisted students in improving their basic communication and social skills through drama activities
  • Provided students with a guided opportunity to explore cultural understandings and assumptions in a classroom environment

2004 Samurai Scholar After-School Program - Salem, MA
Special Needs Mentor

2004 Lynn School Accelerated Program - Lynn, MA
Workshop Director - “A Shakespeare Experience”

2003 Peabody Veteran Memorial High School - Peabody, MA
Substitute & Student Teacher

2002 – 2003 Shaw Elementary School - Millbury, MA
Workshop Artist - “Life and Times in Medieval and Renaissance England”

2002 – 2001 Campfire Organization - Salem, MA
Drama Program Facilitator

2001 Performing Arts School of Worcester - Worcester, MA
Senior Counselor

2000 King’s School - Worcester, UK
Workshop Instructor - “Out of Our Father’s House: American Feminist Drama”


2003 – 2004 Massachusetts Dept. of Education at Emerson College
Teacher Certification Program

2000 – 2003 Emerson College (a 4-year University)
Bachelor of the Arts in Theater Education
Graduated Magna Cum Laude


Drama as Education I & II Credits - 8
Including - Educational Theory
- Curriculum Development

300 hour Teaching Practicum Credits - 12

Theater for Young Audiences Credits - 3

Developmental Psychology Credits – 3


None Spoken


Digital Photography
Web and Graphic Design
Costume/Clothing Design and Construction
Dance – American and Ethnic Forms
Theatrical Performance
Buddhist Literature and Philosophy
Interest in World Religions
Meditation & Yoga


Benjamin R. Bombard said...

thanks a lot for posting this. It's helped me write my resume before shipping out to Turkmenistan.

Carrie said...

I am so glad I came across this! I was stumped as to what sorts of things I should include on my resume for my Peace Corps application, especially having my background in the arts. Thanks for posting!!